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A Cowboy


A Coach.

Meet Chuck

Chuck Abrahamson is a 4th-generation  Wyoming cowboy with 20 years experience building fences and decks.  Having grown up in the Powder River country of Wyoming in a ranching community, he’s been around fencing his entire life. Chuck attended law school at SLU  and moved  to St. Louis in 1986 where he launched Premier Properties Services as a General Contractor. He found his niche in high end custom wood fence and decks and spun off WESTERN Fence and Deck

He has built  hundreds of fences and decks for homeowners and ranchers and continues working with his  Premier Properties team collaborating and serving real estate  investors and homeowners.


Meet Stevie

Stevie Kelsey 

PuraVida Lifestyle Coach

SoulShine Campers Marketing Director 

Phone 314.704.4699

Instagram: steviekelseyatx

Twitter: stevielkelsey

FB: #StevieKelsey #StevieWonders #CoachStevie





DBA Pura Vida LifeStyle Coaching 

Principal / Founder 2011 - present Our mission is to create a challenging and rewarding holistic environment for entrepreneurs and senior executive/owners in a sales and service driven industry, where through our unique coaching & consulting model we focus on a counter balance of high performance results and an optimal personal life. We hold high regard for the truth of business and are committed to our clients’ achieving complete clarity and vision for their future. In using an extensive question based discovery process we determine desired outcomes in wealth, health, mindset,relationships, community, and contribution.

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